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About Arteris

Arteris is a catalyst for system-on-chip (SoC) innovation as the leading provider of semiconductor system IP for the acceleration of SoC development. Arteris Network-on-Chip (NoC) interconnect intellectual property (IP) and SoC integration technology enable higher product performance with lower power consumption and faster time to market, delivering proven flexibility and better economics for system and semiconductor companies, so innovative brands are free to dream up what comes next.

The acquisitions of Magillem and Semifore position Arteris as the leader in SoC integration and Hardware/Software Interface (HSI) development, further accelerating SoC development schedules for customers.

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Arteris On-Chip Interconnect Technology

The Arteris Network-on-Chip (NoC) architecture borrows concepts from the computer networking arena and adapts them to system-on-chip design constraints. The network on chip solution optimizes performance, silicon area, and power, and reflects an in-depth understanding and integration of the constraints imposed by SoC implementations and semiconductor processes. By removing the inherent architectural limitations of traditional interconnect solutions, Arteris Network-on-Chip semiconductor IP offers a quantum leap in design quality and productivity, allowing SoC designers to achieve their ultimate design goals faster, easier and with less cost.

Arteris pioneered the first commercial NoC SoC offering, led the mass market adoption of Network-on-Chip solutions, and is the market leader in this space. There have been over 190 tapeouts of systems-on-chip using Arteris network-on-chip interconnect IP, resulting in over 2 Billion chips shipped.


As the leading provider of semiconductor system IP for the acceleration of system-on-chip development across today’s electronic systems, Arteris is broadly deployed in solutions for automotive, communications, consumer electronics, enterprise computing, and industrial markets. For example, Arteris is used in over 70% of the automotive ADAS SoC market and holds a strong position with market-shaping customers across leading verticals.

Additionally, Arteris offers solutions to address the increasing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) innovation, safety and reliability compliance needs, and Arm and RISC-V IP integration and SoC integration requirements, which further compound the challenges SoC teams face when dealing with the ever-increasing complexity and the need for quick, flexible, and predictable execution.


NoC, Cache IP and System Integration Automation tools for modern SoC design and assembly.

Non-Coherent NoC IP

Coherent NoC IP

Last-Level Cache IP

SoC Connectivity

Hardware / Software Interface



Arteris offerings are optimized to address the unique requirements of popular industry verticals and technology horizontals.



About Arteris

Arteris provides network-on-chip (NoC) interconnect IP to accelerate system-on-chip (SoC) semiconductor assembly for a wide range of applications from AI to automobiles, mobile phones, IoT, cameras, SSD controllers, and servers for customers such as BaiduMobileyeSamsungHuawei / HiSiliconToshiba and NXP. Arteris products include the Ncore® cache coherent and FlexNoC® non-coherent interconnect IP, the CodaCache® standalone last level cache, and optional Resilience Package (ISO 26262 functional safety)FlexNoC AI Package, and PIANO®automated timing closure capabilities. Customer results obtained by using Arteris IP products include lower power, higher performance, more efficient design reuse and faster SoC development, leading to lower development and production costs.

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