Ansys 2023 R1: Ansys HFSS What’s New

Ansys 2023 R1: Ansys HFSS What’s New
by Admin on 01-11-2023 at 3:58 pm

Building on decades of R&D in computational electromagnetics, HFSS brings new capabilities to users in the form of improved workflows in 3D layout and further optimizations in distributed computing for its Mesh Fusion solver.

MARCH 2, 2023
11 AM EST / 4 PM GMT / 9:30 PM IST

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The gold standard in computational

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Cut Out the Cutouts

Cut Out the Cutouts
by Aaron Edwards on 12-23-2021 at 6:00 am

ANSYS HFSS 3D Layout 1

In 2014, many of the customers that my team and I supported in North America were still using HFSS 3D to model boards and packages. These customers were content with that interface, able to get their models setup quickly, and were okay with the solution times because when HFSS gave them an answer, they knew it was the right answer. I … Read More