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YEP R&D Engineer

YEP R&D Engineer
by Admin on 07-11-2023 at 1:58 pm

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  • Simulation fundamentals: Develop simulation toolkits from theoretical papers.
  • Analyze data and find the root cause of the difference between theory and real data.
  • Cross-team coordination and collaboration


  • Background: Master’s or PhD Degree of Solid State Physics (Not specific on physics major). Satisfy one of the following requirements (either A or B):

A. Have experience in developing a physics-related simulation toolkit from scratch

B. Strong logical ability, high learning agility, and the ability to implement theoretical formula into programming

  • Programming requirement:

A. Must-to-have: Python and Linux

B. Nice-to-have: C/C++/CUDA

  • Personality:

A. Passionate about work and positive thinking

B. Able to communicate and collaborate with colleagues

C. Proactive. Enjoy reading papers and exploring new topics based on the latest developments in the field of interest

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