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TSMC Technician

TSMC Technician
by Admin on 09-25-2023 at 1:30 pm

  • Full Time
  • Taiwan

Website TSMC

Job Responsibilities

Please select the vacancy link below based on your desired work location and click “Apply Online” to submit your resume:

1. Technician of Zhuke Manufacturing Department (12-inch factory) 

2. Technician of Zhuke Engineering Department (12-inch factory)

3. Technician of Zhuke Electron Beam Operation Department 

4. Technician of Zhuke Automation Integration Department

5. Technician of Nanke Automation Integration Department 

6. Technician of Nanke Manufacturing Department (8-inch factory) 

7. Technician of Nanke Manufacturing Department (12-inch factory) 

8. Technician of Nanke Engineering Department (12-inch factory)

9. Technician of Zhongke Science and Technology

10. Technician of Manufacturing Department of Advanced Packaging Zhunan Plant

11. Technician  of Engineering Department of Advanced Packaging Zhunan Plant

Job Qualifications

1. Graduated from high school (vocational) or above, regardless of major

2. Carefulness, team communication skills, self-learning ability, logical thinking ability

3. Basic English skills (machine interface), basic Office operations

4. No experience required, those with relevant experience are preferred

Apply for job

To view the job application please visit

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