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【2021預聘暨研發替代役計劃】台南_Equipment Engineer

【2021預聘暨研發替代役計劃】台南_Equipment Engineer
by Daniel Nenni on 07-18-2020 at 1:07 pm

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1. Handle Nano Diffusion, Thin Film, Lithography or Etching equipments

2. Warm up and trouble solve with high tech. equipments

3. Improve and enhance the efficiency of equipments

4. Plan and execute the analysis or defect detection projects

5. Communicate with cross function engineers or venders

1. Bachelor degree and above. Major in Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical and Automation Engineering related fields

2. No experience required (having experience with equipment maintenance or improvement is a plus)

3. Have basic mechanical related knowledge. Having the semiconductor processes knowledge is a plus

4. Good problem solving skills, communication ability, team spirit, active learning attitude and is adequate in English

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To view the job application please visit tsmc.taleo.net.