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Staff Engineer, Mixed Signal Design

Staff Engineer, Mixed Signal Design
by Matt Adkins on 06-27-2023 at 2:37 am

We’re looking for a STAFF ENGINEER – MIXED-SIGNAL DESIGN ENGINEERING to join our European CSS Power Team. The candidate will be self-motivated, willing to learn exciting new technologies and develop new products, but also be able to work effectively within a talented group of individuals across multiple development locations. The candidate will join a team of Analog, Digital, Mixed-Signal CMOS designers, Mask Layout designers, Verification and Silicon Evaluation engineers, Algorithm and Software developers, Packaging and Production Test engineers, implementing PMIC state of the art. The candidate will be involved in the following developments, from definition to production:

  • LDO, BUCK, BOOST, BUCK-BOOST, CHARGE-PUMP, SIMO (Single-Input / Multiple Outputs)
  • IBB (Inverted BUCK-BOOST), ICP (Inverted CHARGE-PUMP), Negative LDO
  • Power Sequencer, Oscillators, PLL, Bandgap, References, ADC, DAC, I/O, SPI, I2C, SPMI, OTP, MTP, RAM, ROM, DFT


  • Mixed-Signal Verification IP Development
    • Improve AMS Verification Team Flows & Methodologies
    • Bridge AMS / DMS Verification and Bench Evaluation environments
  • Power Management IC Development
    • Define and contribute to CSS products
    • Integrate IPs, improve Integration Flows & Methodologies
    • Execute on PMIC pre-silicon AMS verification and support PMIC post-silicon bench evaluation
    • Execute for 100% PMIC verification coverage, combining DMS and AMS, Top-Level and IP-Level
  • Technical Customer Interface Engagement
    • Participate in customer engagements, in support of technical feasibility and proposals
    • IC Development Weekly meetings / IC Milestone Workshops
  • Human Resources Management
    • Provide Mentorship and technical leadership, setting up framework and structure for efficient development flows
    • Enable a culture of continuous learning and improvement
      Support project management and task planning

Minimum Qualifications & Experience:

  • Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or Computer Engineering, with 5+ years of experience
  • IC AMS Verification Leading experience with multiple products introduced into the market
  • Mixed-Signal Verification methodology and tools (AMS / APS / Flex)
  • Good understanding of Mixed-Signal Design Flow and Top-Down development methodology
  • Great technical and analytical background with good problem-solving skills
  • Great team worker with multi-discipline, multi-cultural and multi-site environments
  • Analog Functional and Parametric Verification
  • Process – Voltage – Temperature (PVT) Corners, Layout Parameter Extraction (LPE) Simulations
  • Analog Behavioral Models (Verilog-A, Verilog-AMS, Wreal, SystemVerilog, EEnet)
  • Good written and verbal communication
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