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SystemC Modeling Experts for Virtual Prototype Development, Verification & Deployment

SystemC Modeling Experts for Virtual Prototype Development, Verification & Deployment
by Admin on 07-20-2020 at 12:37 pm

SystemC modeling experts for Virtual Prototype development, verification & deployment
We are looking for professionals with 2 – 15 years experience in SoC Modeling Domain for various positions: Engineers, Sr. Engineers, Staff engineers, Architects

Location: Bangalore, Noida

Job Description:
The candidate will be involved in any of the following activities:

  • Virtual Prototype development for SoC and Electronics Systems for the purpose of embedded software development
  • Developing SystemC/TLM2.0 based models of IP blocks, CPU, SoC, System
  • Defining transaction level models of non memory mapped interfaces (I2C, SPI, USB, CAN, Ethernet etc)
  • Porting the embedded operating system (Linux, VXWorks, Android ) on the virtual prototype, developing the device drivers etc.
  • Verification of models at IP & SoC level
  • Develop regress able self checking test suites using C/ARM assembly.
  • Develop System Level Flows and Methodologies using virtual prototypes
  • Support the firmware teams in effectively using the virtual prototypes

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Proficiency in C / C++ , Data structures, Algorithms, OOPS concepts
  • Experience in developing SystemC, TLM based models for the virtual platform of a SoC
  • Expertise in creating Virtual Prototype of SoC or electronics system
  • Experience in using Virtual Prototype tools (ARM Fast Models, Synopsys Virtualizer, Windriver SIMICS etc..)
  • Validation of virtual prototypes, writing bare metal tests, Embedded tool chain, assembly language, debugging knowledge, embedded Linux
  • Knowledge of Microprocessor, Microcontrollers, SoC architecture, bus protocols etc.
  • Knowledge of Computer and Processor Arch (including Caches, MMU, Pipeline)
  • Should have exposure to quality processes for project execution, delivery, communication with client

Preferred Expertise:

  • IP-XACT, SystemRDL, SystemC-AMS
  • Exposure to IoT, Automotive, Mobile or Networking domain
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