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Staff Software Engineer

Staff Software Engineer
by Admin on 10-07-2022 at 12:02 pm

Website Achronix

Job Description/Responsibilities

The successful candidate will invent, devise, and implement robust software solutions for placement and routing of large FPGAs, leveraging unique features of the Achronix FPGA Technology. Utilize your knowledge of electronic design automation (EDA) algorithms in the context of high-performance timing-driven FPGA placement and routing and make significant contributions to the ACE software tool chain.

As an Achronix employee, you will primarily be responsible for inventing, designing and implementing novel FPGA placement and routing algorithms in the ACE Software tool Chain. The successful candidate will be an expert in the area of EDA for VLSI and will have a unique opportunity to collaborate directly with other Achronix Research and Development (R&D) Software team members working on synthesis, detailed routing, global routing, detailed placement, global placement, timing improvements, runtime analysis, runtime and memory optimizations, and continuously improve quality results.

Required Skills

  • At least four years of university/industrial software development experience in R&D of EDA software
  • Candidate should possess expertise in C++
  • Excellent programming and debugging skills
  • Expert understanding of EDA software data structures and algorithms, specially VLSI circuit placement and routing in the context of FPGAs
  • Strong analytical skills to understand cause and effect in large software code base
  • Ability and willingness to try novel approaches to engineering problem solving

Preferred Skills

  • Familiarity with Linux operating system plus Verilog and/or VHDL hardware design languages
  • Software multi-threading techniques
  • Good understanding of digital circuits
  • Knowledge of scripting languages, especially Tcl and Python
  • Experience with EDA tools

Education and Experience

  • MS in Engineering (Computer Science, Electrical/Computer or other related/applied engineering) from a top research university with at least two years of industrial experience in EDA software development using C++
  • Ph.D. with original dissertation in EDA software R&D from a top research university, preferred
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