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Staff Software Engineer

Staff Software Engineer
by Admin on 04-01-2022 at 5:30 pm

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The Open-Source Software (OSS) Group is responsible for developing and improving the software eco-system around Arm’s next generation of processors.

As a member of the DevOps Support team, your workload will fall into two categories, short-term support and maintenance activities, and longer-term development work focussed on improving stability and reliability.

You will be responsible for ensuring that the software infrastructure used by the OSS Group is operating as expected, responding to issues and requests raised by users and completing system maintenance activities where required.

You will have the opportunity to build upon your existing background, knowledge and expertise as we develop better automation and monitoring solutions to improve stability and performance of our infrastructure.

We seek proactive individuals with experience and understanding of Linux system administration, configuration management and virtualization and containerization tooling.

Job Requirements

Our day-to-day work is dynamic, and can be fast paced and highly parallelised. The following are examples of tasks we are likely to be involved in:

· Providing timely analysis and resolution of issues reported by development teams.

· Maintenance and performance optimisation of core systems.

· Communication & collaboration with engineering IT, software development teams and the open-source community.

· Investigating and safely deploying system upgrades or new functionality.

· Developing scripts or deploying other tooling to improve our workflows.

· Requirements analysis and task breakdown.

· Verifying system backups and system restore processes.

Essential Skills & Qualities:

· Prior experience in a DevOps/Infrastructure position.

· Experience in Linux Systems Administration.

· Experience in one or more complied or scripting language.

· Strong interpersonal skills are vital for success; responding quickly and communicating clearly with those raising issues or anyone that may be impacted by maintenance activities.

Desirable Skills & Qualities:

· Experience using or maintaining automated build systems such as Buildbot, Gitlab, Jenkins and LAVA.

· Expertise in version control and code review tooling including Gerrit, Git and Gitlab.

· Knowledge of automation tools such as Ansible, Puppet and Terraform.

· Experience using virtualization and cloud technologies such as AWS, Docker, Kubernetes and OpenStack.

· Knowledge of system monitoring and visualization tooling.

· Some exposure to development board or server farms.

· Some understanding of open-source project development cycles and contribution processes.

· Familiarity with software development lifecycle methods such as Agile.

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