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Software Models – SystemC/TLM Modeling

Software Models – SystemC/TLM Modeling
by Admin on 06-28-2022 at 12:42 pm

Website Vayavya Labs

Experience: 1 – 5 years

Job Brief:

Today software is proliferating every sector. Automotive, Avionics, Data Centers, Space name any domain and you will notice huge lines of software code. It’s fair to say soon software will rule the world.

One of the big challenges for software teams is being able to test their software as early as possible. Software teams are gated by the availability of hardware to test the software. Top this, customers want high-quality products as early as possible.

One of the most common solutions to solve the problem of early hardware availability is creating Virtual models of the hardware (also called Virtual platforms).

Virtual Platforms model the CPU peripherals and other IP Blocks in the software itself and thus enable the actual product software to be tested very early in the product life cycle. All the major semiconductor and system companies are betting big on Virtual Prototyping technology.

Job Description:

You will work on the development of Virtual models in C++. You will be responsible for the design, implementation and testing of these models.

Key Technical Skills:

  • Hands-on experience with design, implementation and testing of SystemC peripheral models
  • Proficient in TLM2.0 modeling, including loosely timed and approximately times models and use of generic payload
  • Prior experience in modeling peripherals with different on-chip and off-chip interfaces like USARTs, Timers, SPI controllers, DMA controllers, I2C controllers, Interrupt controllers, Ethernet, PCIe, controllers etc.
  • Solid fundamentals in SoC architecture, well versed with concepts like DMA, interrupt architecture, queuing and arbitration in hardware
  • Exposure to Python or Tcl (Good to have)
  • Exposure to Virtual Platforms (VP) integration, software bring-up and debugging on Virtual Platforms (Good to have)

Key Non Technical Skills:

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skill
  • Self-managed and ability to learn and adapt
  • Excellent oral and written communication in English
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