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Software Engineer – Multi Cloud Deployment

Software Engineer – Multi Cloud Deployment
by Admin on 09-04-2020 at 7:04 am

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Job Description
Mendix is on a mission to enable anyone in any organization – from the marketing coordinator to the software developer to the CEO – to create things that are transformational for their company.  We are fundamentally reinventing the way applications are created and we’re reinventing the future of software development.  Sounds ambitious, right?  We agree.

Not to brag, but nearly 4,000 organizations worldwide, including KLM, Medtronic, Merck, and Philips, rely on Mendix to build web and mobile applications.  Thousands of our customers use our platform to delight their clients and empower their employees. It’s no surprise that we’re a recognized Leader by Gartner and Forrester in a red-hot market expected to exceed $21 billion by 2022.  Ok, maybe we did want to brag a little.  But we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished…and…we’re humble enough to admit that we need you to make us even more effective.

If you are an experienced Cloud developer and want to make a difference for tens of thousands of developers in our community, we have a opportunity for you! As a company, we’re in constant communication with our community, but we need your field experience to improve our product and take it to the next level.

Take the Mendix Developer Portal for example, there’s a need to help new developers discover the Mendix Platform, engage them with content and help tailored to their needs, and teach them to make beautiful applications. When you are using Mendix daily, you’ll be buzzing with ideas that can have a huge impact on our developer community.

And if we take a look at the Mendix Cloud Portal, the need for self-service, easy scalability and putting CI/CD in place is paramount. If you have experience administering Cloud application environments, you might have some ideas you can turn into real solutions here, on Mendix cloud, but also on 3rd party Cloud environments.

In the end, whichever part of our online platform you want to work on, we have enough challenges for you. If you have a vision on how the team and Mendix should move forward, we’d love to discuss these with you.

As Software Developer you’ll help drive digital innovation by:

    • Leveraging and integration the latest Cloud Platforms (Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes)
    • Integrating the platform with our partners’ platforms;
    • Creating tools and connectors to be able to use our partners’ services, such as Cognitive Services;
    • Performing testing in order to ensure quality;
    • Communicating with the external parties for a better alignment;
    • Enabling a lot of dynamics in your work activities and projects.
We’re looking for you if you have:

    • A degree in Computer Science or related field (Master / Bachelor level)
    • Minimum of three years with Java, Spring Boot; overall 5+ years of software development experience
    • You have strong experience with object-oriented language(s)
    • Experience building highly-scalable, highly-available, multi-region, and distributed systems and micro service architectures
    • focus for quality over quantity – demonstrable through clean, crisp, maintainable code, with good abstractions, clean Git history, etc.
    • DevOps mindset: you build it, you run it
    • good knowledge of Unix/Linux fundamentals
    • a home address inside the Netherlands or another EU country.
Even better (but not essential!) if you have experience with:

    • TypeScript, Python
    • REST, OData
    • Integration Projects with externals
    • Docker/Kubernetes
    • Technological wizard, playing around with different technologies
    • TDD & BDD and know when and when not to use it
    • You are a fan of agile.
And as person you are:

    • approachable, open minded
    • an effective communicator and you like to be part of a team
    • with great attitude where you walk the extra mile if needed
    • strive for mastery in anything you do or own
    • detailed oriented
    • boundary less and take ownership
    • a critical thinker
    • creative and solution oriented.
Experience a culture like no other at Mendix
A culture where we’re focused on results – not “boxes” and “rules”, in a relaxed environment with the coolest office in the Netherlands + great view of the Erasmusbrug.
Where people take ownership and enjoy as much freedom as possible. This means there’s as little process as we can get away with, because we don’t want to get in your way. We also strive to stay as flat as possible. Do you have an issue? Walk right into our CTO’s office and bring it up.
Where everyone is appreciated for their skills and ideas, regardless of background or mother tongue, the flexibility to take care of a family, or to have a crazy hobby.
Monthly crafting days that allow you to explore side projects or try out cool new technologies and share our experiences with the rest of the organization.
We value the start-up culture that has brought us so much success. We are a tech company, not a project-oriented organization.
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