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Software Engineer – Mobile SOC

Software Engineer – Mobile SOC
by Admin on 09-14-2023 at 7:44 pm

Candidate will be involved in system validation of various subsystems and interfaces of the SoCs, e.g. power management, security, debug services, various processing subsystems like CPU, DSP, GPU and AI Accelerator subsystems etc.

Possible Assignments Depending on Area of Expertise & relevant Experience (CPU, SOC, Power, Security, AI & Competitive Analysis)

Experience: 3 -5 yrs.


  • Proficiency in embedded C , C++ , shell script and Python
  • Work experience in Linux devices drivers, Android HAL/Frameworks/NDK, RTOS , ICE debuggers
  • Exposure to one or more areas in mobile SOCs, ARM CPU/GPU architecture, Multimedia subsystems , power management and 4G/5G modem
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