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Software Engineer in Test II (SDET) – C & C++

Software Engineer in Test II (SDET) – C & C++
by Admin on 11-13-2023 at 4:07 pm

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Summary / Role Purpose

The R&D Verification Engineer II joins the Release Management Unit to conduct software testing of ANSYS applications such as our online/offline installers for 24+ commercial CAE applications. This role assesses how well the product meets customer needs both in terms of functionality and usability and ensures that product requirements and quality standards are satisfied. The role works closely with other members of the product creation team and communicates with technical specialists on product issues.

The primarily accountabilities include:

• performing manual testing of new features
• writing formal test plans for manual testing based on developer guidance
• automating testing activities at both the application UI and source code “unit” levels
• creating an automated test system that developers of all experience levels can rely on as part of their pre-commit verification process to avoid regressions during new development
• continuously reviewing hurdles encountered during testing activities to enhance the breadth, depth and ease-of-use of the testing system

Key Duties and Responsibilities

• Specify and write test cases, creates, modify and update existing tests, write and maintain test scripts
• Perform functional, application, regression and performance testing in manual and/or automated test environments and investigate possible causes of problems
• Create test plans, participate in defect management and testing metrics
• Apply standard techniques and procedures and comply with the company’s overall development and testing processes​
• Work in a variety of computing environments: Windows, Linux, VM’s, REST, Cloud, Containers

Minimum Education / Certification Requirements and Experience

• Required Education and Degree Type: BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related field of study
• Required Minimum Years of Professional Experience: BS+2, or MS with no experience

Must have strong C++ or Java Experience

Preferred Qualifications and Skills

Technical knowledge and experience with frameworks for automated testing at the “unit” level (CPPUnit, Mockito, JUnit) and graphical/web-based applications (Sikuli, Selenium, AutoIT, PyAutoGui)

• Working knowledge of tools for static (clang-tidy, cppcheck, Coverity) and dynamic (Valgrind, Dr. Memory) code/memory analysis
• Familiarity with build automation and CI/CD tools (Azure DevOps, Jenkins)
• Experience in a large-scale commercial software testing and verification environment
• Good communication and interpersonal skills
• Ability to learn quickly and to collaborate with others in a geographically distributed team

Apply for job

To view the job application please visit careers.ansys.com.

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