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Senior Software Development Engineer – Altair Embed Code Generation

Senior Software Development Engineer – Altair Embed Code Generation
by Admin on 08-29-2023 at 11:02 am

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Job Summary:

This is an opportunity for a senior level contributor to the Altair Embed software product. Embed is a graphical language for simulation and model-based embedded development. It is used for general modeling, simulation and control system design applications and supports automatic code generation for MCUs like Raspberry Pi, ST Micro, and Texas Instruments.

Basic Qualifications Required:

  • Advanced degree in Computer Science or Engineering. (Software Engineering or Equivalent).
  • 6+ years of professional work experience (or a master’s/PhD degree/equivalent) is required.
  • Deep experience coding in C and C++
  • Strong fundamentals in Data Structures.
  • Experience working with Visual Studio and proficiency with GUI toolkits like MFC.


  • Experience working on feature creation and bug fix for a compiler tool set
  • Experience coding embedded systems
  • Experience working with embedded code generation tool
  • Experience working on embedded code generation tool
  • Experience with MISRA compliance and safety critical code production
  • Experience with bug tracking tools like JIRA and source code repositories like Perforce
  • Experience creating dialog boxes under MSVC Windows


  • Add code generation capability for new blocks and devices
  • Contribute to enhancements that help customers attain ISO26262/DO178 certification
  • Provide weekly progress updates in group status meetings.

Management/Organizational Skills:

  • Pro-active engagement and self-oriented
  • Team and People Skills.
  • Team Member and co-operative to align as per organization priorities/needs.
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