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Senior Analog Designer

Senior Analog Designer
by Admin on 07-20-2020 at 12:47 pm

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Attached to the Team Manager and integrated into project teams, you manage architectural studies upstream of development with the aim of arriving at innovative solutions that meet the specifications. You ensure the integrability of the specifications issued and the robustness of the architecture.

During the development phases, you are responsible for the specification of the blocks constituting the circuit (functionalities, performances and verification methods) in relation with the project manager and the design team and you are the technical guarantor of the performance of the circuit. You contribute to the development at the transistor level of the project until the validation of circuits on silicon (creation of schematics, sizing at the transistor level, characterization).

Force of proposal in the evolution of architectures and design methods, you are rigorous and aware of the quality of work.

In an environment with strong technical content, you will be able to develop your skills and evolve, according to your wishes, towards increased technical responsibilities, towards project management or supervision.

Your different tasks

  • Research and development of new architectures, analysis of patents and innovative solutions
  • Creation and development of behavioral models (SPICE / VHDL-AMS / Verilog-A)
  • Definition of the various technical budgets to be kept (in terms of noise, consumption)
  • Management of the various design tasks to ensure performance
  • Design of analog cells (ADC, DAC, voltage reference, switched capacitor system, etc.), from the feasibility study to validation on silicon
  • Participation, in collaboration with the project manager, in the organization of teamwork (establishment and review of development costs and deadlines, risk analysis)
  • Malfunction analysis and diagnosis
  • Proposal and drafting of patents, articles

This job is for you!

Engineer or Bac + 5 training in microelectronics, you have at least 5 years of experience in analog design.

Required Skills

  • Specification of complex analog systems
  • Basic linear circuits (references, amplifiers, filters, comparators, etc.)
  • Data converter architectures (ADC, DAC), voltage regulators, switched capacitor circuits
  • Signal theory, digital signal processing
  • Constraints of the professions of topology (Layout) and digital design
  • English: fluent

Required qualities

  • Concerned about quality and compliance with ISO-9001 procedures
  • This position requires autonomy, rigor, methodology and teamwork, with leadership qualities to evolve in a multifunctional (digital, layout, measurements …) and multicultural group
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