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Recruitment and R&D Substitute Service (RDSS)

Recruitment and R&D Substitute Service (RDSS)
by Admin on 12-08-2023 at 2:56 pm

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  • Taiwan

Website TSMC

Choose TSMC for infinite possibilities. Here in TSMC, you can see colleagues working determinedly to advance technology leadership, manufacturing excellence, and customer trust. If you join us, you will be able to cooperate with these experts and fulfill your potential through a comprehensive learning development program. You will also have the chance to receive better payment while exploring the richness of our culture and enjoying the best balance between work and life..

Because I look forward to endless possibilities, I chose TSMC. Here, you will see TSMC people relentlessly pursuing technological advancement, manufacturing excellence, and customer service optimization. Join us and you will work with industry elites and fully realize your potential through a complete learning and development plan and career planning. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy an overall salary that is better than that of your peers, explore the diversity and fun of life at TSMC, and pursue the harmony of work and life.

Welcome to submit your resume to apply for the following job openings of the 2024 Advanced Offer (AO) and R&D Substitute Service Program (RDSS). You will then be able to:

1. Get the offer before graduating.
2. Earn NT$100,000 sign-on bonus.
3. Work with the experts in the industry.
4. Fulfill yourself on the world stage.

We welcome “like-minded” people to register your resume in advance through “online application” for the following popular vacancies for pre-recruitment and R&D replacement positions in 2024. By participating in the TSMC Recruitment and R&D Substitute-Pre-application Program, you will be able to:

1. Get a letter of appointment before graduation
2. Exclusive 100,000 joining bonus
3. Collaborate with outstanding industry elites
4. Perform your best on the international stage

We welcome like-minded people to join TSMC

Every dream in the world can be realized by us

Job Qualifications

1. Master or Ph.D. graduates in 2024.
2. Major in Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Photonics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Information Management, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and other related fields.

1. 2024 fresh graduates with master’s and doctoral degrees

2. Majoring in electrical, electronics, chemistry, chemical engineering, materials, physics, engineering, asset management, machinery, environmental engineering, engineering and other related disciplines

Apply for job

To view the job application please visit

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