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R&D Engineer, Staff

R&D Engineer, Staff
by Admin on 06-11-2020 at 3:26 am

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In this role, you will be a member of a high performing R&D team contributing to the development of market-leading products. The candidate is expected to demonstrate innovative thinking and exercise high level of judgment in selecting techniques to obtain results, have good verbal and written communication skills and be competent to perform project leadership role. Additional challenges include design of very efficient data structure and algorithms, ability to learn new areas, and commitment to deliver high-quality production software with a strong desire to satisfy customer needs.

The candidate must be highly talented and self-motivated R&D engineer to make key contributions to cutting-edge complex projects independently or with a small group of R&Ds.

The candidate should have relevant experience and background in transistor level extraction / modeling and excel in developing highly efficient software systems in C++. Proficiency in algorithm design, data structures, C++ programming, and software engineering principles are must-haves.

Desired skills include Design/Analysis of superconducting electronic circuits, transistor modeling from physical structure, Circuit resistance and capacitance calculation from physical structure, Circuit theory analysis and simulation (SPICE internals), Gridding and mesh generation, Semiconductor processing, Josephson junctions, Single Quantum flux circuits and Transmission line analysis.

MS/PhD in BS/CS/CE with 6-10 years of relevant software development experience

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