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Quality and Reliability Engineer

Quality and Reliability Engineer
by Admin on 03-15-2023 at 11:44 am

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1. Reliability data test, analysis, and monitor.

2. New hotspot pattern and test methodology study for WAT(Wafer Acceptance Test) monitoring.

3. FAB process change management for reliability risk assessment management.

4. Circuit reliability and product reliability.

5. Customer service on reliability


1. Master’s degree or Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Material Science, Chemistry, Physics, or a related engineering discipline.

2. Hands-on participation and a strong sense of ownership are required.

3. Strong technical problem-solving and integral analytical skills based upon fundamental, rather than empirical models is required.

4. Excellent written and spoken communication skills. Bilingual in Mandarin and English.

5. Experience in IC fabrication is an added advantage.

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