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Python Scripting Engineer

Python Scripting Engineer
by Admin on 05-23-2023 at 3:07 pm

Key skill: Python, Design, Python Scripting, coding, Linux Environment, Shell

Job description:

This role will allow the person to develop and support Python based design system.

1. 2-5 yrs experience in Python scripting/coding with experience in automation scripts.

2. Btech/Mtech in Computer/Electronics/Electrical Engg or Comp Science

3. Hands on working experience in Unix environment, should be comfortable working in unix

4. Experience with scripting with shell/TCL/Perl.

5. Good problem solving and debugging skills

6. Experience with development of testing framework , e.g. pytest

7. Prior experience ASIC flow development

8. Any work experience with creating indicators/dashboard or ML tools (splunk, etc)

9. Experience in GitHub,Perforce

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