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Product Manager – Generic (ICSD)

Product Manager – Generic (ICSD)
by Admin on 04-10-2023 at 2:56 pm

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We are looking for a highly motivated Product Manager to lead product management and operation. The ideal candidate should have product/program management and operation experience for various mission-critical systems or services. The person is responsible for the product planning and execution throughout lifecycle, including gathering and prioritizing requirements, defining product vision, and working closely with different groups to ensure revenue and operation excellence. The Product Manager also provides that the product supports the company’s overall strategy and goals.


1. Gather and prioritize requirements from users and analytics for making decision and execution plan to provide enterprise level end-to-end solution
2. Lead product/service planning, design, development, and operation throughout the preliminary expertise of Product Lifecycle (PDLC)
3. Reinforce product strategy via multiple aspects, including but not limited to metrics, infrastructure, business processes, best practices, budgeting, or reporting
4. Make decisions and designs by considering and balancing between typical factors for enterprise, such as security, technology autonomy, scalability, total cost of ownership, or long-term sustainability
5. Collaborate effectively with other divisions by sensing of different standpoint and aspiration, to deliver most beneficial decision for TSMC
6. Inspire product team with visionary and value-driven goal



1. Skilled at storytelling, user requirements analysis, and plan product functions in a systematic way to capture use case and user scenario
2. End-to-end product/service management experience, including working closely with operation/supporting team, with a good understanding of PDLC
3. 3+ years of experience in product or program management, includes hardware/software integration or external partnership
4. Able to manage project in both of traditional and modern ways


1. Experienced in systematically collecting/recording users’requirements via modern user research (UX) methodologies is highly preferred
2. Experienced in networking, system integration, semiconductor, global IT operation, or smart manufacturing industries
3. Experienced in re-engineering from legacy design with newly added requirements
4. At least one year for product operation excellence, especially for mission-critical product or 24/7 service
5. Able to join system design with product team, providing necessarily information and suggestion to improve quality of design and service
6. Agile mindset or landing experience
7. Experience in both of B2B and B2C products, knows how to think and communicate in difference aspect

Key Experience:

  • Product Design, Product Management, Project Management, IT Global Operations, Enterprise Solutions

Personal Attributes:

  • Passionate; Self-motivating; Willing to take challenges; Embrace changes and learn new things; Enjoy communicating with others
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