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Process Integration Engineer

Process Integration Engineer
by Admin on 03-15-2023 at 11:34 am

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1. To be responsible for helping to drive leading-edge process/device development and optimization of HV devices in order to meet scaling, performance, reliability, and manufacturability requirements.
2. Specialty new process development and device / yield performance improvement.
3. Solve IC process issue and device problems.
4. Short-term business trips to TSMC F15A (Taichung)




1. Minimum Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Materials science or related engineering
2. Over 1-year experience in process integration or semiconductor device is preferred.
3. Exhibit good and open communication skills, be able to work within cross-functional teams.
4. Fluent in English.
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To view the job application please visit tsmc.taleo.net.

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