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Process Engineering Technician

Process Engineering Technician
by Admin on 05-01-2024 at 2:31 pm

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  • A Process Engineering Technician forms a critical part of the Process / Production Engineering Team by assisting with Process Checks, resolution of processing problems and improvement of the stability & quality of the Production Lines.
  • Success in the role will be in maintaining a high process up-time against high Cp /CpK scores and appropriate diagnosis & resolution of typical Semiconductor process line issues.

Key tasks

  • Provide Production Engineering cover to the FlexLogIC-001 and FlexLogIC-002 production lines.
  • Assist in running of Process Checks to ensure that the production lines run to the best capacity & quality.
  • Adjust Production equipment processes to correct for any drift / movement in the Process Check data.
  • Work with Process Engineering oversight to diagnose issue with a Process / Yield failure, assess containment & implement necessary tool correction and/or maintenance.
  • Assisting with training & mentoring of Operators and fellow Technicians.

Qualifications and training

  • Degree or post graduate
  • HNC / HND in a relevant field (Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Eng. Etc.)
  • Familiar with use of MS Office suite.

Skills and experience

  • Experience with MES (Manufacturing Execution Software)
  • Experience with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Previous working experience within a Semiconductor facility
  • Previous working experience in a cleanroom
  • Experience with statistical tools such as MATLab, Minitab or SAS-JMP
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