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Principle Engineer – Custom Mixed Signal & Digital Design flow

Principle Engineer – Custom Mixed Signal & Digital Design flow
by Admin on 06-26-2020 at 10:09 am

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Your tasks:

In this position you will be integrated in our Technology Enablement team, especially in projects the Design technology Co-optimization  (DTCO) department will be driving. In close collaboration with other disciplines across our worldwide engineering teams you will be maintaining as well as further developing custom mixed signal and digital design environments for seed IPs which are used for complex Analog and mixed signal  designs including Memory, serial IO, ADC, DAC, PLL , Bandgap, Thermal sensor , LVDS etc

Your responsibilities include:

 Maintenance of

  • Custom mixed signal flow within CDS Virtuoso tool chain
  • Digital implementation flow within CDS Innovus tool chain
  • Dedicated design data management system

Development of improved or additional methods and flow components to increase design quality and efficiency at the above areas.

Configuration of the flow set up of new design programs.

Co-optimization of Design environment and IT infrastructure.

Ideally you have gained practical experiences in product design environments at one or several of the following areas , for both usage and configuration:

  • CDS Virtuoso tool chain
  • CDS Innovus tool chain
  • MGC Calibre tool chain

in the context of AMS or digital block-level design as well as chip-level design environments.

Your profile:

  • You have an engineering degree in electrical or computer engineering, physics or in semiconductors (design or technology).
  • MS  in   Electrical Engineering is required with specialization in Circuit Design.  (2-3 years’ experience).
  • Or BS  in   Electrical Engineering is required with specialization in Circuit Design. (4-5 years’ experience).
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