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Physical Design

Physical Design
by Admin on 09-22-2023 at 2:04 pm


  • BE/B.Tech./MS/M.Tech.(Electronics or Electronics & Communication)

Core Competencies:

1. Knowledge of PD Flow from netlist to GDS (Floorplanning, Synthesis, Power Planning, Placement & Optimization, CTS, Routing, ECO steps, Timing/SI)

2. Good idea about OCV/MMMC and multi power designs (Level shifters, Isolation cells etc)

3. Should have worked extensively on XTalk/SI/EM

4. Knowledge of CTS, Clock tree methodology and clock skewing.

5. Tool-specific knowledge: ICC, innovus, primetime, DC, Genus depending on the background

6. Knowledge of DRC/LVS, IR Drop, Formal Verification, and Synthesis.

7. The job would require complete ownership from netlist to GDS for blocks.

8. Should have worked on 28nm and lower technologies.

Tools: ICC or Innovus for PnR, Encounter for FloorPlan, Redhawk for IR Drop, PT/ PTSI, Calibre


The physical design of Hard Macros/Partitions.

Gate-level-Netlist to GDS, technologies varying from 28nm to 7nm.

PD activities involve:

Hard Macro floorplan/IR Drop/placement/CTS/Routing/Timing Optimization/Timing Closure/DRC/LVS

Email your resume to careers@truechip.net and mention position/location in the subject.

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