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Manufacturing Cybersecurity Engineer

Manufacturing Cybersecurity Engineer
by Admin on 10-31-2022 at 2:32 pm

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Job Description

  • This role will be responsible for implementing, operating and maintaining security and inventory management tools, processes and procedures employed for securing and reducing the security risk to the manufacturing environment.
  • To be successful, this position requires significant understanding of the manufacturing processes across all the product lines in Penang and directly connected Contract Manufacturers (CMs) to identify and mitigate or correct any issues that impact manufacturing production.
  • The role includes working with other Keysight partners including Information Technology (IT) and Information Security and Compliance (ISC) as well as other parts of the manufacturing organization (OF) and directly connected CMs.
  • This position will work with IT, ISC and OF partners to drive security for the current manufacturing environment inclusive of legacy systems and applications as well as the next generation of manufacturing systems and solutions including but not limited to collaborating on annual planning, budgeting, strategy and roadmaps.
  • This role will be to local support for security issues, breaches, compromises, and escalation of security issues and work very closely with the Security Operations Center (ISC SOC) to quickly detect and respond to security events.
  • Work collaboratively with Keysight partners to implement and test new or proposed solutions, looking or any incompatibility or performance impacting issues and create operational support processes and procedures.
  • Provide training and guidance to assigned back up personnel.
  • Drive or assist in troubleshooting any production performance problems that are suspected to arise from any of the security solutions.
  • Works with ISC compliance, OF, and IT to ensure compliance to security policies and standards and contribute solutions that positively improve our stance with Keysight insurers and customers that require a high level of security assurance.
  • Accountable for understanding Product Technology Lifecycle status, infrastructure, and its ecosystem.
  • The product security technologies and processes applied in product lifecycle which include product vulnerability management and application of device OS hardening in Products design and manufacturing process.
  • The IT infrastructure and manufacturing ecosystems including product test platforms and MES systems that are supporting the product manufacturing processes.
  • Partner with project manager, scrum master, business process owner or product line manager to drive alignment on project execution and release planning.
  • Partner with manufacturing team partners to develop cybersecurity strategies, planning, assessment, and solution implementation.
  • Ensure manufacturing systems are compliant with corporate cybersecurity policies and requirements.
  • Ensures communication of progress and status both across the project/scrum teams and to management, partners, and key stakeholders.

Job Qualifications

  • Experienced in cybersecurity deployment and management for manufacturing systems and environments.
  • Able to translate complicated and technical information and requirement to non-IT manufacturing teams to drive alignment and compliance to security policies and requirements.
  • Understanding of computers, servers, storage, and networking as part of the underlying IT and Security systems underlying the manufacturing environment.
  • Basic understanding of security principles with a very strong desire to learn security fundamentals, policies, processes, tools, and technologies.
  • Willing to work some off hours to facilitate collaboration with partners in other time zones.
  • Knowledge and experience with MS Products, Cherwell, Network and Security Tools
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, interpersonal skills, ability to motivate in a collaborative environment, with strong service orientation.
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