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Logistics Technician Apprenticeship

Logistics Technician Apprenticeship
by Admin on 10-24-2023 at 10:27 pm

Website Soitec

Introduce Soitec and context of the position

Soitec is a company listed in the SBF 120 index which operates upstream of the microelectronics value chain. Our innovative semiconductor materials are essential to the operation of smartphones and the deployment of 5G. They also offer numerous opportunities for connected automobiles, electric and autonomous vehicles and embedded intelligence in connected objects. 

This position gives us an incredible responsibility, which inspires us every day: making possible the massive adoption of technological innovations while considerably limiting their environmental impact, in a logic of responsible innovation and sustainable development.

In a context of company growth, Marie’s team organizes and manages the activity and the flow of materials in the store. 

What does the job consist of?

In a context of company growth, Marie’s team organizes and manages the activity and the flow of materials in the store. 

With Bruno, Julie and Paul-Louis, technician and logistics engineers, you will be in charge of varied missions around the evolution of flows, the implementation of new functionalities in our WMS interface (ERP), the optimization of layout and packaging, and the implementation of new logistical tools and technical solutions. 

You will rely on your observation of the field and the experience of the Store teams and you will be in charge of deploying changes in the field as well as the associated training and procedures.

You will thus develop knowledge of manufacturing and Supply Chain flows and sensitivity to technical issues of stock management and layout, as well as the use of the ERP inventory management tool?

In a dynamic environment, you will have to interact with multiple internal interfaces: supervisors, logistics agents, IT department, production, etc.). You will also have to interact externally with service providers and suppliers of equipment and logistics solutions.

Requirements & qualifications

A BAC+3 student focused on supply chain/logistics, you are looking for a work-study program that will allow you to put into practice the skills acquired during your studies and give them concrete meaning.

You are recognized for your rigor and tenacity in bringing your projects to fruition.

As a good communicator, you like interactions and have a taste for the field, which helps you to solicit and work with numerous interfaces. 

Your ability to take a step back and analyze are the tools that will allow you to successfully complete your mission.

Application FAQs

Apply for job

To view the job application please visit careers-soitec.icims.com.

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