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IP Alliance Account Manager

IP Alliance Account Manager
by Admin on 10-05-2022 at 3:13 pm

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  • Establish the most extensive IP Ecosystem in collaboration with leading IP vendors on TSMC’s processes including the most advanced processes (3nm in development) and the widest range of specialty processes (RF, BCD, HV, CIS, MEMS, NVM)
  • Support IP vendors’ early engagements for leading customers for IP development with access to pre-V1.0 technology documents and coordinate technical support.
  • Engage Semiconductor IP/Library vendors (IP Alliance members) for foundation IP (standard cells, memories, I/O’s), Interconnect IP (HBM, 3DIC IP, PCIe, USB,etc.) Analog/MS (PLLs, DLLs, Sensors, ADCs, DACs, etc.); video/audio IP (MIPI, DSP), and automotive IP to have critical IP available for key processes.
  • Support TSMC events including the TSMC Technology Symposium and OIP™ Event.
  • Publication support for IP Alliance members for IP on TSMC processes (includes press releases, white papers, web posts, videos, blogs, etc..)
  • Work with IP Alliance members, TSMC legal, TSMC9000/IPAE technical team, account teams for key customers, IP Operations, and the shuttle team for IP availability.
  • The IP Alliance manager will direct the legal interaction with IP Alliance members and be the interface to TSMC legal for facilitating agreements (NDAs, IP Alliance agreements, Vendor Technology License agreements, authorization letters, etc.)
  • The IP Alliance manager will drive corrective actions and follow-up when required.
  • Facilitate shuttle access for IP Alliance members and monitor silicon results.
  • Monitor IP Alliance members’ adherence to the IP Alliance requirements

  • BSEE with 7+ years of relevant experience (program management experience of 5+ years could be combined with design experience), or MSEE with 6+ years of relevant experience.
  • Excellent communication skills to interact with IP Alliance members, TSMC9000/IPAEs, TSMC legal, OIP (Open Innovation Platform) marketing. Shuttle team, and IP Operations.
  • Knowledge of IP types including Interconnect IP
    • HPM, PCIe, USB, SATA, D2D, HP SerDes
    • Foundation IP:  standard cells, memories, IOs
    • Mixed-signal/Analog IP: PLLs, DLLs, PVT sensors, OSC, ADC, DAC
    • Audio/Video IP:  MIPI, DSP
    • Automotive IP requirements
  • Understanding of EDA flows and tech file support required for IP development
  • Program management abilities to drive successful IP development with IP Alliance members including meeting tapeout requirements and deadlines.
  • Support of TSMC events and promotions including Technology Symposiums and OIP Events, with press release review and coordination with IP Alliance members on publications and presentations.
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