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Intern (Technical Engineering)

Intern (Technical Engineering)
by Admin on 12-05-2023 at 3:39 pm

Website Synopsys

Job Description and Requirements

Technical Engineering Intern

As an intern at Synopsys, you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience while working alongside industry professionals. You will build and refine skills relevant to your major and future career. The Synopsys intern program emphasizes integrating our interns, allowing you to work hand-in hand with mentors and colleagues on your team. Your contributions will be invaluable to the company and products, guaranteeing you a fulfilling internship that you can proudly bring back to your courses.

This internship is Half Time (20 hours/week) and/or maximum 30 hours/week and will ideally start in January 2024 and last for the duration of 6 months.

What you’ll learn and do:

During the program you will receive professional mentorship in  the fundamental and advanced VLSI topics for IC Design and Verification. Most relevant learning path on the technical areas in Synopsys Guadalajara will be provided such as Functional Verification, Physical Design, and Design for Test (DFT) by using the state of the Synopsys Tools. Hands-on activities in VLSI projects. Review and enhance a Verification Framework project as  DV methodology  to be standard, easy, flexible but with potential to be applicated with the less possible changes to multiple projects with a standard or common requirements. Also run physical synthesis, formality, physical verifications, Scan Insertion ,  ATPG,  and signoff by using Synopsys design tools.
Additionally write scripts which can launch VCS simulations, Functional Coverage, Assertions, DPI under UVM.

Skill Requirements:

  • Well knowledge of fundamental analog and digital electronic concepts
  • Object oriented programming experience/coursework (Beginner)
  • Shell/Perl/Python/other scripting language experience (Beginner).
  • Debugging and problem-solving skills.
  • Good communication skills (English and Spanish)
  • Initiative, interpersonal skills

Education Qualifications:

All interns must be currently enrolled in an accredited educational institution. Seeking students pursing BS/BA; MS, PhD.

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