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High Speed SerDes Digital Engineer

High Speed SerDes Digital Engineer
by Admin on 05-08-2023 at 3:37 pm


  • Design and implementation of high-speed SERDES IPs
  • Performing algorithm design, RTL coding, analog design modeling, design verification, synthesis, timing closure, emulation and debugging of chips
  • Working with rest of Analog design team for interface definitions.
  • Working with the verification team to enable integration into top level test environments and provide support via functional models
  • Collaborating with the product development team to get the product into high volume applications.


  • Master degree or above in electronic engineering or computer science.
  • Work experience and rank are not limited.
  • Hands-on experience with 10Gbps and above SerDes is a plus.
  • Very strong skills in Verilog RTL coding and simulation.
  • Strong skills in scripting (C, Perl, Skill, MATLAB) .
  • Self-motivated, good team work spirit and good communication skills.
  • Relevant experiences in high speed serdes IO design, Ethernet/PCIe/SATA/USB/MIPI is a plus.
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