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Formal Verification, R&D Engineer

Formal Verification, R&D Engineer
by Admin on 04-06-2023 at 2:49 pm

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Job Description and Requirements

The R&D Engineer will be joining the VC Formal R&D team.

VC Formal is a high capacity, high performance next-generation formal verification solution that includes best-in-class algorithms, methodologies, databases and user interfaces. Built from the ground up, this solution was architected to address today’s most challenging verification tasks and provides the very latest and best formal verification engines available. VC Formal has the capacity, speed and flexibility to verify some of the most difficult SoC design challenges, and includes excellent research, filtering and debug techniques to quickly identify root causes.

The candidate technically drives & delivers multi-project functionality in each product release. Drives the initiative visibly within the group and is recognized as the head and owner of the initiative. Sells the vision to peers and upper management. Works hands-on and implements software for the functional area. Accountable for quality of work, results obtained and productivity of the employee’s supervised. Develops project schedules and executes w/o direction from manager. Effectively prioritizes work and trades off project milestones vs. features.

Assignments are given by manager in terms of broad goals and strategy. Identifies problems, solutions and resources needed to meet the goals. Accountable for getting the final solution to problems. Problems may be new and very open ended. Runs effective meetings needed to work through problems, and also helps the team get over (or around) ‘brick walls’ that they run into. Demonstrates excellent judgment in selecting and discarding technology alternatives. Works closely with global cross-functional teams in defining, implementing and delivering the solutions.

The work will require algorithm, data structure design as well as developing robust and efficient implementations. The engineer is expected to specify, design, implement and test in a large and complex software development environment

Background and skills:

  • Typically requires a BS/MS/PhD in CS with 7+/5+/3+ years of relevant experience.
  • Excellent coder in C/C++.
  • Exceptional background in algorithms and data structures
  • Excellent reasoning and problem-solving skills
  • Familiar with software development process, debugging tools and configuration management tools.
  • Prior Knowledge of digital logic is required.
  • Prior knowledge in EDA, Equivalence Checking or ‘Formal Technologies’ would be beneficial.

It is essential that the candidate has high integrity and a positive attitude. They will be a highly motivated, accountable, and dependable applicant with self-drive and demonstrate a solid desire to learn and explore new technologies. It is essential that the applicant has fast learning abilities. Initiative is required to drive solutions to problems when working in a team. They will be flexible to work on multiple tasks based on project priorities. The applicant will be an excellent team player and is expected to have good oral and written communication skills and proficiency in English language.

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