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Field Application Engineer

Field Application Engineer
by Admin on 12-14-2023 at 3:25 pm

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What You Will Do

Expecting Asia SerDes FAEs have knowledge in one or more of the following domain.

Asia SerDes FAEs shall perform specific tasks communicated by AW and AW’s customers via email from time to time in accordance with agreed upon timelines.

These tasks may include the following integration and support services:

  • Verilog model integration and simulation
  • GDS Physical Integration and Floorplanning
  • Design for Test Integration
  • Timing Integration
  • SerDes EVB and system testing
  • ATE testing
  • Firmware Integration
  • Product Bring Up
  • Product Validation
  • Product Characterization
  • Product Qualification

Asia SerDes FAEs shall acknowledge and commence work on each requested task within twenty-four (24) hours of the request being submitted by customer. Asia SerDes FAEs shall work closely with AW Solutions Engineering/Silicon Engineering/Post-silicon Engineering Application Engineers (AEs) to address customer issues promptly and customer PMs to summarize, prioritize and respond to the requested tasks.

Asia SerDes FAEs shall provide these services: in-person, on-site at customer offices; via email; and via telephone.

Asia SerDes FAEs shall undergo on-the-job training by AW Application Engineers.

Apply for job

To view the job application please visit alphawave.wd10.myworkdayjobs.com.

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