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Facility & Purchasing Manager

Facility & Purchasing Manager
by Admin on 05-23-2022 at 2:58 pm

Website Codasip

Codasip was founded on a simple belief – that we could bring together the brilliance of microprocessor architects and software engineers and capture it in tools that made design simpler, faster, and less expensive. And we are succeeding. Today Codasip is one of the most unique hi-tech IT companies in the world of RISC-V CPU design.

While Codasip is headquartered in Europe with Czech, France, UK, and German offices our approach and culture are typical of Silicon Valley, meaning that we value prudent risk-taking and “out of the box” thinking. We are a well-funded start-up poised for dynamic growth based on our leading-edge product portfolio.

We are growing rapidly and we are looking for an addition to our global team.

Job Description:

This role is responsible for the delivery of end-to-end procurement activity including leading procurement projects, procurement strategy development, tendering, contract agreement and overall commercial advice and direction.   The ability to build strong personal working relationships with staff at all levels is crucial. The post holder will be expected to provide support to other Managers and engage in wider stakeholder management.  The Procurement & Facility Manager is expected to draw pro-actively on their own experience, demonstrating the ability to think laterally and innovatively to enable the delivery of commercial solutions and value for money.

Main responsibilities include:


  • Maintaining and developing efficient, inventive and cost-effective procurement processes and that the system is operational, accessible, understood and adhered to by all senior staff
  • Sourcing and engaging new reliable suppliers and vendors
  • Reviewing, coordinating and negotiating  existing contracts with suppliers and vendors
  • Approving purchase orders, arranging and confirming delivery of goods and services
  • Performing risk assessments on potential contracts and agreements
  • Assisting the organization in contract administration, including orders changes and modifications
  • Preparing procurement reports etc.


  • Ensure that our facilities are fully operational with all utilities functioning properly
  • Communicates workplace safety precautions to employees
  • Coordination of in-house team of maintenance as well as external services provider (security, cleaning etc.)
  • Budget preparation including investment plans
  • Reporting

Please, kindly note that this position is based in R&D in Brno, Czech Republic and a fluent Czech language is required.

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