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Engineer Innovation Product Development

Engineer Innovation Product Development
by Admin on 09-19-2023 at 1:57 pm

  • Full Time
  • Bernin, France
  • Applications have closed

Website Soitec

Soitec is a company listed in the SBF 120 index which operates upstream of the microelectronics value chain. Our innovative semiconductor materials are essential to the operation of smartphones and the deployment of 5G. They also offer numerous opportunities for connected automobiles, electric and autonomous vehicles and embedded intelligence in connected objects. 

This position gives us an incredible responsibility, which inspires us every day: making possible the massive adoption of technological innovations while considerably limiting their environmental impact, in a logic of responsible innovation and sustainable development.

What does the job consist of?

Within the Innovation Department, the Product Development department defines the manufacturing processes for new products: from the necessary equipment and manufacturing sequences to the manufacturing of the first prototypes. Today, Luciana’s team manages the new generations of our silicon products for RF-SOI applications, but also POI (Piezoelectric-on-insulator), which is found in all mobile phones and connected objects. Faced with these fast-growing markets, it is time to strengthen this team.

In the position of product development engineer, your objective is to develop each manufacturing step one by one then assemble them to define the complete manufacturing process of the  engineered substrate . In an industrial environment, doing development involves understanding the physical effects of processes on product quality and also their interactions with production tools. The work is iterative: we carry out an experimental plan, we analyze the results and we rectify or adjust the process. 

You are joining a group which perfectly reflects Soitec’s vibrant dynamic of innovation. You can count on the operational support of technicians and the skills of experienced engineers. In this position you have the opportunity to touch all of the company’s production techniques (surface cleaning, molecular bonding, ion implantation, heat treatment, metrology, epitaxy, fracture of materials, etc.) 

The organization of the INNOVATION Department allows you to be at the service of customer satisfaction, to work in project mode with the other teams (Pilot engineering, Expertise, Product Integration, Soitec Lab, Research, etc.) and also with the other Departments: industrial operations, business unit…

Pamela or Stéphane, for example, appreciate the diversity of activities and the variety of themes. They are proud to be able to find solutions to the technical puzzles they face every day.

Requirements & qualifications

  • In possession of an engineering degree with initial experience (thesis or industrial experience) in one of these three fields: microelectronics, physics of semiconductor materials or chemistry, your positive state of mind and your desire to investing in our adventure motivates your application.
  • You know how to take into account the expectations of our customers thanks to your interest or your knowledge of its applications. You know how to take into account the various constraints of your interfaces to develop the best solutions. You are  rigorous  and teamwork stimulates you. 
  • Your command of English allows you to be comfortable in discussions with our equipment manufacturers and/or partners and our teams in Singapore.

If this profile sounds like you, don’t wait any longer and come join our team!

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