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Engineer Design Enablement

Engineer Design Enablement
by Admin on 06-26-2020 at 9:49 am

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Summary of Duties:                             

Develop checking decks for differentiated technologies, including bulk, SOI, RF, SIGE, and Silicon Photonics. Develop and enhance LVS / PERC components for process design kits. Write programs using an array of scripting languages to improve efficiency and quality. Interface with clients, design rule developers, process development engineers, device designers, device modelers, and client technical support engineers. Develop process design kit (PDK) components. Engineer and validate PDK component requirements via interlock with others, such as ground rule, device modelers, device designers, and developers of other inter-related components. Validate PDK component implementation with automated and manual quality checks. Develop methods and software tools to improve PDK component efficiency or accuracy.

Position requires a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, or a closely related field of study. Alternatively, will accept a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, or a closely related field of study, plus two (2) years of experience in the job offered or as a PDK Development Engineer or in a related engineering role.

Position requires knowledge, experience, or skill with Perl. Requires knowledge, experience, or skill in custom integrated circuit (IC) design and analysis. Knowledge, experience, or skill may be gained concurrently through graduate education curriculum, co-op, or internship.

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