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Embedded Storage Developer

Embedded Storage Developer
by Admin on 09-14-2023 at 7:48 pm

  • The charter of the CoreBSP-DDR SW System team is to ensure that the end-product qualifies the defined acceptance criteria for DDR by meeting stability, Power and Performance Goals .
  • The team is looking for a candidate who has strong understating of system level test methodologies and run validations on mobile systems.
  • The position involves Understanding of SOC Architecture and DDR SW Systems, identifying and debugging DDR systems issues ( memory corruptions, Memory Lock-ups, Bit flips, memory leaks etc..)reported by memory validation  and also running system level validations tests.
  • The engineer would have opportunity to interact with different SW & HW teams to understand DDR systems.
  • This position gives an exposure to understand various quality stages from product development to commercial launch of the product.
  • Strong in C Programming and Boot loaders
  • Good analytical / problem solving / sound reasoning skills
  • Good understanding about any CPU architecture
  • Good understanding SOC systems knowledge level tests validation methodologies.
  • Good understanding in working android environment.
  • Experience of core BSP driver level development and debug.
  • Good understating of working debug tools like JTAG/TRACE.
  • Working knowledge with any serial protocols
  • Awareness of RTOS operating system fundamentals / processor architecture /embedded system and microprocessor concepts.
  • Understanding of DRAM technologies(LPDDR & PCDDR) and working on DRAM interface signal analysis is big plus

The candidate is expected to be self-driven to quickly get up to speed on various aspects of DDR validation & flexible to take-up tasks as per the project needs.

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