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Embedded Software Developer

Embedded Software Developer
by Admin on 01-15-2024 at 3:33 pm

Job function:

A position exists for highly motivated individuals with the ability to learn quickly and work independently within a multidisciplinary, dynamic, and fast paced organization building next generation mobile devices. The position includes responsibilities to develop and commercialize tools and embedded software services for audio, voice, and sound use cases typically found on mobile handsets and handheld devices.


Experience developing commercial software in areas such as multimedia tools, services, and drivers. Proficient in C#/C++/C programming languages with strong industry programming experience multi-platforms on PC. Experience with GUI frameworks, such as WPF and Winforms. Experience with Visual Studio and Microsoft .NET Framework. Experience with generally accepted software design pattern and dynamic programming, and release practices (e.g., OOADP, GoF, Effective C++, Modern C++, UML, Agile, etc). Experience with SW client/server communication across USB/WIFI/etc. Ability to develop and debug multi-threaded PC Applications and its interaction with an embedded server and SW Drivers on the mobile platform. Ability to understand and debug complex, real-time, and multi-threaded SW systems on Web/PC and mobile environments to determine RCA and fixes or to introduce new features. Experience with developing embedded Linux Android and Windows Mobile applications is a plus. Experience or coursework knowledge in operating systems, data structures, computer architectures, compilers.


Design and implement PC application software supporting embedded software on Android, Windows, or other multimedia platforms on devices for the Mobile, Automotive, IOE, etc markets.

Education requirements:

Bachelors/Masters degree in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) or Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) or equivalent.

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