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Electronic System Design Engineer

Electronic System Design Engineer
by Admin on 03-15-2023 at 12:36 pm


  • Research and design system/board level solution for new generation SoCs.
  • Partner with silicon team to provide design guideline for customers.
  • Board schematic design, component selection and BOM generation with cost optimization.
  • Co-work with PCB layout engineer to define PCB stack-up, optimize components placement and trace routing.
  • System/Board level hardware debug and verification, signal measurement.
  • Collaborate with Thermal engineer for the system thermal solutions.
  • Collaborate with EMC/RF engineer to solve EMI/RF issue.
  • Co-work with Software/Firmware team for SoC bring up.


  • BS/MS degree in EE or CS.
  • Work experience and rank are not limited.
  • System level high-speed signal design techniques of DDR/PCIe/USB/DP/eMMC etc.
  • Skill of using EDA tools like OrCad, Allegro, KiCAD etc.
  • Experience with system level compliance tests, including EMI, ESD, Safety etc.
  • Experience with PCB layout, PCBA fabrication, board level bring-up, debug, and verification.
  • Experience with Signal Integrity, Power Integrity.
  • Better to have experience of Computer motherboards, Notebook and Tablet system design.
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