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EDA Software Engineer

EDA Software Engineer
by Admin on 11-21-2022 at 1:07 pm

Website Xpeedic

Position Description

1. Responsible for designing workflow and developing flexible, reusable UI modules for Xpeedic’s EDA products.

2. Provide technical guidance on feasibility and offer innovative solutions as necessary.

3. Support as needed to ensure successful release of EDA products.

4. Coordinate and align with internal and external engineering teams to ensure project timelines are met.

Position Requirements:

1. Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in Computer Science, software engineering or related field.

2. Skilled in C++ programming, familiar with development under Window and Linux environment.

3. Be familiar with QT, related developing experience on CAD tools or Graphic editor will be a plus.

4. Good problem solving skill and team work spirit.


Apply for job

To view the job application please visit

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