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Director Program Management

Director Program Management
by Admin on 04-08-2022 at 11:48 am

Website Flex Logix

Flex Logix  is searching for a Director of Program Management reporting to the VP of Software to manage complex multi-site projects. The position will consist of direct project management initially, but the expectation is that it will become a purely management position as Flex Logix grows. Program Management is a key part of executive management, and this position offers several career possibilities for branching into technical or marketing management.


  • You will lead complex multi-site project activities for deployments and platforms, from design through production; collaborating with teams across company to plan and drive software objectives for the team.
  • Develop and manage milestones and schedules for the many moving parts that need to come together across three development sites, all of which are within 2 time zones of Pacific time.
  • You will gathering requirements, helping prioritization, scheduling and planning for all phases of the product life cycle
  • Manage and improve existing product development and software release processes; collaborate with engineering management on improving the development workflow and engineering efficiency
  • Flex Logix’s initial software products are custom AI compilers, programming & EDA tools, and runtime systems based around Flex Logix’s proprietary FPGA architecture.

Required Experience

  • Hands on experience with software development and process specifically for system software development
  • A “reasonable” technical understanding of chip development, compilers and programming tools, embedded software, and machine learning environments.  “Reasonable”, for instance, means knowing what the acronyms “SoC” or “FPGA” stand for.  It does not mean having used Synplicity ; it probably does mean knowing what “Synplicity” does and how it is used in hardware development
  • Ability to think strategically and tactically and to build consensus to make programs successful
  • Experience tracking complex projects and reporting progress/issues to upper management, including board members
  • Experience in machine learning frameworks and high performance computing.
  • A strong demonstrated belief in the following two statements:
  • a) “Process is a mechanism for reusing decision”
  • b) “Policy is a means to achieving a goal, and not an end in itself.”
  • Know what SGEMM is and what is significant about it; you do not need to have coded SGEMM before
  • Excellent communications and technical presentation skills
  • Strong people skills, particularly in dealing with software and hardware engineers.
  • Deep understanding of software engineering principles and rudimentary understanding of system level architecture
  • Experience with FPGAs and understanding how FPGAs are programmed
  • Knowledge of FPGA tool flow – synthesis and PnR – plus a minimal understanding of the principles of HDLs, Verilog in particular
  • 5 plus years experience managing complex projects
  • Bachelors or Masters degree in computer science, electrical engineering, or some related field
  • Proficiency in Project, Excel, Confluence, JIRA, Powerpoint, and other related tools or their open source equivalents is a must.
  • Fixed-point experience is highly desirable.
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