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Digital Verification Engineer

Digital Verification Engineer
by Admin on 04-06-2022 at 2:17 pm

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This is an opportunity to join a dynamic team of experienced engineers developing high-performance physical IP for industry-standard protocols.  The successful candidate will be a highly motivated self-starter who is able to work independently to complete assigned tasks and can also contribute to project leadership.  The candidate will contribute to all aspects of digital verification including flow development, test plan development and execution, functional coverage closure, and code coverage closure.  It is expected that the candidate will be able to work as part of a small and focused team of engineers and will be able to collaborate successfully as needed with design architects and project management.

The successful candidate will have a thorough understanding of all aspects of modern digital verification flows, including but not limited to the following:

  • Metric-driven verification
  • Constrained random testing
  • Test plan development
  • Functional coverage
  • Code coverage
  • Assertions (SVA, etc)
  • UVM/eRM
  • Verification environment architecture and development

Should be able to contribute to test plan development, coverage closure, and regression failure analysis at both block and subsystem level.  Candidate should be well versed in either Specman/e or SystemVerilog and should have a working knowledge of at least one EDA verification planning tool (Cadence ePlanner preferred).  Direct experience with at least one of the following protocols is strongly preferred:

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • PCIExpress Gen1/2/3
  • USB

Candidate should be capable of leveraging scripting languages (Tcl, Perl, Python, Awk, Make, etc) to assist with automation and efficiency improvements in the verification flow.  Candidate is also expected to be able to clearly communicate with design and architecture resources to accurately describe verification failures and contribute to issue resolution.  Excellent logic debug skills are a must, and the ability to operate independently and as part of a dedicated and focused team is also critical.  Demonstrated ability to lead small verification teams is strongly preferred.

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