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Deep Learning Software Engineer

Deep Learning Software Engineer
by Admin on 11-21-2022 at 1:01 pm

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  • Design and develop deep-learning software such as image recognition, voice recognition applications and relevant middleware on embedded Linux systems.
  • Deploy typical deep-learning networks to embedded systems, utilizing relevant hardware accelerators on the SoC to optimize the network performance.
  • Design the software with use cases, data flow diagram and other technical documents.
  • Develop test cases for your code and the drivers/middleware API your applications are based on.


Candidates meeting multiple below criteria are preferred:

  • Work experience and rank are not limited.
  • Experience in C/C++ programming.
  • Have experience in application, middleware or driver development on Linux systems.
  • Practical experience in deep-learning software development on embedded systems.
  • Good understanding of widely used CNN and RNN networks in deep learning.
  • Good spoken English and written English.
  • Good teamwork and communication skills.
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