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Data Scientist

Data Scientist
by Admin on 08-08-2022 at 2:59 pm

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Summary/Objective:  Data Scientist will be responsible for supporting and developing advanced reporting and computational needs by sifting through data points to create organized categories, comparing data points to current company processes, and writing reports outlining business proposals. Their primary duties include researching business processes and creating reports that transform data into insight that can help to improve the value of the business.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

  • Connect dots and communicate gaps up stream to supporting teams, as well as downstream to consumers
  • Assist with reporting and dashboard needs
  • Collecting data through means such as analyzing business results or by setting up and managing new studies
  • Transferring data into a new format to make it more appropriate for analysis
  • Creating new, experimental frameworks to collect data
  • Building tools to automate data collection
  • Searching through large data sets for usable information
  • Creating reports and presentations for business uses
  • Correlating similar data to find actionable results

*The responsibilities as defined are intended to serve as a general guideline for this position.  Associates may be asked to perform additional tasks depending on strengths and capabilities. *

Required Experience:

  • 5+ Years’ Experience in a Data Analyst/Business Intelligence Analyst role or 2+ years’ experience in a Data Science Role; preferably in sales, marketing, or manufacturing. Connector Manufacturing, Operations, Sales, or Marketing experience is desired.
  • Must be a self-starter with strong leadership skills.
  • Excellent communication skills and demonstrated problem-solving ability.
  • Detail oriented, excellent problem solving, multi-tasking, and investigation skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills in relating to both internal and external customers.
  • Proficient is MS Office applications (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook).
  • Experience in Redshift or SQL, Redshift is preferred.
  • Experience in Python or R, Python is preferred.
  • Product, Process, Tooling, and alternative manufacturing method knowledge preferred.
  • Must be able to sit/stand for at least 90 consecutive minutes, and not suffer from any sensory deprivation and/or paralysis of the limbs.


  • Masters’ Degree in Business, Data Science, Natural Science, or Engineering is preferred.
  • Experience can be substituted for educational requirements.

Training Required:

  • On the job training as appropriate.
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To view the job application please visit jobs.jobvite.com.

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