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Connector Operator

Connector Operator
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1. To build the order with good quality within due date and meet productivity, Quality target.


2. To keep working area on good condition. 0 safety accidents


3. Perform WI and SOP step requirements and strive to improve their Associate Proficiency Level (Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Black)


Essential Functions/ Responsibilities.

1. To work with Supervisor or Lead Ops to finish orders with good quality on time, feedback the abnormal in production in time.

根据主管或组长制定的每日生产计划表来完成当天的订单生产, 及时反馈生产中出现的异常。

2. Perform Buddy Check and inspection of the production process, and master the measuring instrument caliper optical instrument and MV operation.


3. Master the debugging of the machine in current group, maintenance the machine and abnormal treatment.

掌握本组的模具的调试,机台的现场维护保养,和异常的处理 。

4. Always follow the latest WIs to control Material using on shop floor and report any unsure to have everything on right path.

严格执行最新的材料管理要求, 及时汇报异常情况, 纠正引导正确执行。

5. Implement scrap product data input system strictly, bandolier/carry and offcut sorted with Bond/non bonded per order by order sent to the material group weighing record, strictly follow up the Inventory issued material use into shop order, any extra material back to inventory once shop order completed.

严格执行残次品数据输入系统, 废料带、边角料按照保税/非保税并以每一份订单分类给到物料组称重记录;订单材料专料专用;订单完成后及时归还材料回到仓库。

6. Scrap control in process, feedback the any material issue to the leader/supervisor timely and assist to investigate the cause. no 100% order scrap.

生产中的报废控制,异常材料需及时反映给组长/主管,并协助调查其原因, 无100%订单报废。

7. Report the finished/unfinished production tasks on the same day, to input daily production data into the system accurately and timely.


8. Follow WI/SOP to complete all production activities strictly, do not break regulations, to prevent from accidents, and assist team leader/supervisor to improve and upgrade.

严格按WI /SOP来操作/执行各项生产活动,不违章操作, 防止发生工伤事故,并协助组长/主管进行改善升级。

9.  Daily “ROCK” “Safety”, keep the workstation on good condition.


10. Assist the hub leader training of the new employees, join the activities of department organized, and various assessments to improve their APL operation skills.


11. Strictly comply with the SAMTEC rules and regulations and the requirements, ensure the daily work completed efficiently.


“The responsibilities as defined are intended to serve as a general guideline for this position. Associates may be asked to perform additional tasks depending on strengths and capabilities.” 

Required Experience:

1. To have related experience 有相关经验者

2. Lifting Requirements: Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds from floor to waist. 起重要求:从地板到腰部必须能举起50磅

3. Must be able to sit/stand for at least 90 consecutive minutes, and not suffer from any sensory deprivation and/or paralysis of the limbs. 必须能够坐/站持续90分钟,不会四肢麻痹和/或瘫痪。

4. Hazards and Atmospheric Conditions: Must be willing to adhere to department safety rules and regulations.  May be exposed to noise (required to wear protective gear).  May be exposed to Hazardous Materials & Chemicals (required to wear safety glasses and other protective gear).


Apply for job

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