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Communication SW Engineer

Communication SW Engineer
by Admin on 10-06-2023 at 1:13 pm

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The Mobile Broadband Business Unit is a small group in CEVA, built of wireless communication experts. We develop 4GLTE and 5GNR modem and work with key players in the cellular market

In this role, you will join us to this huge challenge of implementing different cellular products like a mobile phone modem, GnB modem (Base stations) and more types of Radio and distributed units as described on newest 3GPP standards.

Your work will include:

  • Implementation and optimization of DSP code for the Physical layer and Protocol stack layer of wireless communication system of LTE and 5G.
  • Developing SW drivers for CEVA HW accelerators and integrate them in to the modem chain for implementing the main physical LTE/5G channels such as PDSCH/PUSCH etc.
  • Taking a part in developing and upgrading the next generation architecture of CEVA Vector DSPs including different algorithms performance evaluation and inventing new core instructions for the new standards.


  • B.sc in either Electricity Engineering, Physics , or computer science from a well-known university.
  • Up to 2 years of experience in the industry, including some experience in embedded SW.
  • Must Have – Programming experience in C coding
  • Advantage – Knowledge in Wireless Communication standards and signal processing.
  • Advantage – Programming experience in MATLAB
  • Advantage – Experience with developing fixed point DSP code for embedded SW
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