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Audio Platform Lead Application Engineer

Audio Platform Lead Application Engineer
by Admin on 07-20-2020 at 12:47 pm

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As Audio Application Engineer Manager, your main role is to promote and support the commercial development of the Audio platform, by demonstrating its capabilities on silicon and developing its performance.

As manager, you are the customer’s representative internally and must provide support in the evaluation and use of our platform and associated IPs (ADC, DAC, CODEC, WT…).


1. Promote and support the development of the audio platform

– Collaborate with Business Development to develop promotional materials highlighting the advantages of our Audio platform.

– Act at the support level to answer advanced questions from customers in order to convince them of the relevance of our solutions.

– Workshop animation.

– Support business development

2. Demonstrate the capabilities of the silicon platform

– Define the requirements and content of the demonstration circuit (demochip) to illustrate the advantages of the platform

– Create a demonstration around the circuit to highlight the performances and capacities

– Develop demonstration software

3. Represent the client

– Interact with the development team to get a more in-depth analysis of customer requests.

– Integrate customer feedback and analysis from Application Engineers into the new specification of product requirements (MAT0).

– Conduct an internal analysis on the malfunction of the product until it is understood and corrected.

4. Customer support

– Respond effectively to customer requests, for clarification of existing documentation and / or study of special requests within set deadlines.

– Develop technical material (application notes) to capitalize and produce customer support highlighting the capabilities of the platform and best practices for use.

– Integrate the response to the customer’s request in the product documentation (White Paper)

– Analyze, with Application Engineers, the possible interactions between the products across the entire portfolio in order to strengthen the synergy between the products.

5. Manage a team of Application Engineer

– Manage the workload of the team (2 to 4 people)

– Hierarchical management of the team in collaboration with the N + 1

– Develop the audio skills of application engineers



– Analog / mixed design

– IP audio integration at SoC and system level

– Technical writing

– Development of applications and requirements around the audio system

Know how

– Autonomous work in a collaborative environment

– Workload management in a multi-project context

– Customer relationship management

Interpersonal skills

– Communication skills

– Creativity to imagine cutting-edge demos

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To view the job application please visit www.dolphin-design.fr.