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Assoc Engineer, Production Control

Assoc Engineer, Production Control
by Admin on 09-12-2022 at 12:58 pm

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About GlobalFoundries

GlobalFoundries is a leading full-service semiconductor foundry providing a unique combination of design, development, and fabrication services to some of the world’s most inspired technology companies. With a global manufacturing footprint spanning three continents, GlobalFoundries makes possible the technologies and systems that transform industries and give customers the power to shape their markets. For more information, visit www.gf.com.

Essential Responsibilities include:

Post Fab Management

  • Daily Shipment
  • Monitor Postfab WIP movement and provide early warning.
  • PRF execution for postfab special request.
  • Releasing ZEN hold pending for shipment.
  • Provide daily shipment update.
  • Coordinate to Shipping Team if any special shipment arrangement requirement.
  • Postfab lots swapping
  • Drive the MRB stakeholder on lot disposition

Aging Postfab Wip Management

  • Coordinates to PI to arrange for YDD Scan and inform in advance the Line if any potential rework needed.
  • Monitor postfab lots that hit AGING days that not inside N2 Cabinet

N2 Cabinet Ownership

  • Manage move in and move out lots from N2 Cabinet

Wafer Starts

  • Wafer Scheduling (Production / Engineering / Proto / Zerobank).
  • Auto Scheduling of Production lots via LSES based on Planner starts request
  • Auto Scheduling of Engineering lots via LSES based on eWSR request.
  • Manual Scheduling of Zerobank wafers via SCH Client based planners zero bank request.
  • Daily fine tuning on lot starts as per Planner’s Allocation.
  • Pull in and Push out of Start date on pre schedule lots to match on the Daily Starts Allocation
  • Checking on Zerobank Inventory  based on Daily Starts Schedule
  • Follow up on the delinquent zerobank lots.

Engineering Management Allocation

  • Coordinates Flying Starts , Manual Start and Substrates Qual
  • Control the daily EO lot starts allocation
  • Control the Monthly Target quota based on IE allocation.
  • Work with PI/TD coordinator with any change request in the plan.

Other Logistics

  • OMS update (  CSD / OSD / lot Attributes)
  • POEO Conversion ( Piggyback wafers / Scrapped lots/Inline)
  • Ship and Unship RMA lots
  • Coordinate Backtrack lots

Other Responsibilities:

  • Perform all activities in a safe and responsible manner and support all Environmental, Health, Safety & Security requirements and programs

Required Qualifications: 

  • Diploma in Electrical / Electronics / Mechatronics / Mechanical/  Microelectronics / Chemical Process Technology
  • 2-4 years of experience (Preferably Manufacturing environment) with computer literacy
  • Self motivator and result orientated
Apply for job

To view the job application please visit globalfoundries.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com.

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