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GUI Software Architect

GUI Software Architect
by Daniel Nenni on 09-08-2020 at 6:36 pm

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As a GUI Software Architect at Arteris, you will be exercising your skills for the creation of a modular plug-in based client-server application that will power the creation of some of the most complex SoCs in the world.

Key Responsibilities:

Our current product is powering the creation of the most advanced artificial intelligence, mobile phone, and self-driving car SoCs.
Experience Requirements / Qualifications:


Previous experience in defining underlying GUI architecture for a major software project
Proven experience in the design and build of software frameworks (Preferably with GUI component written using Qt)
GUI development experience using Qt
Solid software knowledge base:
Data structure and Algorithms
Understanding of SW system design
Extensive Object-Oriented design experience
Expert knowledge of one of the OO programming languages (C++, Java…)
Working experience with at least one scripting language
EDA background, ability to understand the basic paradigms of the hardware design process.
15+ years of relevant experience

Client-server software implementation experience
JavaScript and NodeJS experience

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To view the job application please visit www.arteris.com.