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Senior R&D Software Engineer

Senior R&D Software Engineer
by Daniel Nenni on 07-18-2020 at 9:25 pm

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The successful candidate will join the Research and Development team that creates state of the art software for electromagnetic crosstalk analysis.


With increasing frequencies, tighter design margins, denser integrated circuits (e.g. 3-D IC structures, stacked die architectures, etc.), and new devices and materials, the necessity of full electromagnetic (EM) interference analysis is becoming a fundamental need for the industry. The associated physics and the sheer design size bring out new challenges related to power and reliability, affecting design closure, and at the same time make the incorporation of EM phenomena in the sign-off process extremely challenging. ANSYS simulation and modeling tools offer the sign-off accuracy and performance needed to ensure optimal design, noise integrity and reliability of even the most complex ICs, taking into account electromagnetic crosstalk.




Work with team to define and implement new capabilities. Once projects are defined, the engineer should be able to deliver medium and large sized projects with minimal input from others
Diagnose and fix code problems
Quickly obtain and demonstrate a solid understanding of the code of large modules and of the team’s software development processes and help to continuously improve both software and processes
Deliver code that meets requirements on schedule. Ensure that code is efficient, scalable, maintainable, extensible, robust and easy to understand
Optimize code to improve tool runtime and memory capacity
Create unit, regression and/or system-level tests to thoroughly validate new features or changes
Communicate clearly and work closely with manager, technical leads, and other engineers to refine solutions and to describe changes that may affect others
Understand and demonstrate best practices in software engineering
Serve as a role model for excellent software skills and a source of domain expertise within the team
Expand depth and breadth of knowledge in specific electronic design and analysis areas


B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related field, with 5 years’ work experience or M.Sc. in the same fields with 3 years’ work experience
Broad and deep understanding of the C++ language and familiarization with contemporary standards (e.g. C++14) and language constructs
Experience with high performance computing and parallel programming tools and frameworks
Experience with the Python programming language
Strong working knowledge of the Linux operating system
Strong background in data structures, algorithms, and debugging
Strong background in scalable algorithm implementation for scientific and engineering applications
Demonstrated expertise in software development processes
Ability to evaluate multiple approaches to technical problems and be able to recommend one solution after considering limitations and challenges
Ability to learn quickly, understand complex systems and to work closely with others
Ability to complete high-quality work on time
Communicate clearly with others regarding project status and risks


Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related field
Demonstrated skills in the following areas are a plus:Experience with computational linear algebra algorithms and libraries (e.g. linear and non-linear solvers)
Experience with computational geometry algorithms and libraries (e.g. CGAL library)
Successful large-scale commercial software development
Previous experience in EDA tools development

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