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Analog/Mixed-Signal Modeling Engineer

Analog/Mixed-Signal Modeling Engineer
by Admin on 07-08-2024 at 3:08 pm

  • Full Time
  • Korea

Scientific Analog Labs is constantly recruiting analog/mixed-signal model developers who can develop model examples of various analog/mixed-signal circuits to enable IC designers and verifiers to effectively use XMODEL, GLISTER, and MODELZEN, and provide professional technical support to domestic and international customers based on their experience.

Job Advantages

As an analog/mixed-signal model developer, you can quickly build expertise in a variety of circuit fields without having extensive IC design experience, and become a global specialist in the emerging field of analog/mixed-signal verification.

You can build your expertise by reading the latest industry standards and renowned academic papers, and developing models of various analog/mixed-signal circuits.

By communicating with design and verification engineers from major domestic companies, you can think together about ways to effectively verify design technologies applied to next-generation products.

By cooperating with research labs at prestigious domestic universities, you can build a personal network with professors, master’s and doctoral researchers in the field of IC design.

The main business

Analog/Mixed-Signal Model Developers continuously develop models that represent the behavior of various analog/mixed-signal circuits and test benches that verify the models. Their main role is to enable anyone to easily use XMODEL through these various modeling examples and to provide technical support upon customer request.

The primary responsibilities of an analog/mixed-signal model developer include:

We will create various analog model examples using XMODEL .

Build a testbench to verify the operation and performance of the analog model

We provide technical support to domestic and global customers (mainly major semiconductor companies) .

Support requirements

  • Understanding the operating principles and analysis methods of analog electronic circuits
  • Understanding the operating principles of digital logic circuits and design methods using HDL language
  • A sense of responsibility for assigned tasks and effective communication skills

Preferential treatment

  • Experience in analog integrated circuit design
  • Experience in digital system design and verification
  • Coding skills such as C/C++ and Python
  • Experience of achieving one’s own goals through consistent effort
Apply for job

To view the job application please visit www.scianalog.com.

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