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Hardware Engineer – Physical Design (6200-1015)

Hardware Engineer – Physical Design (6200-1015)
by Daniel Nenni on 09-16-2020 at 9:24 pm

Website Achronix

Achronix is a privately held fabless corporation based in Santa Clara, California and offers high-performance FPGA solutions. Achronix’s history is one of pushing the boundaries in the high-performance FPGA market. Achronix offerings include programmable FPGA fabrics, discrete high-performance and high-density FPGAs with hardwired system-level blocks, data center and HPC hardware accelerator boards, and best-in-class EDA software supporting all Achronix products.

Job Description/Responsibilities
The employee will work on the physical implementation of blocks from RTL to GDS in advanced FinFet technology nodes (7nm/12nm/14nm/16nm) and below. The employee will also share responsibilities across design and verification. His/her responsibilities will include the following:

RTL synthesis, writing timing, area, and other relevant constraints.
Floorplanning, power grid implementation, clock tree synthesis, place and route.
Parasitic extraction and physical design verification.
Static timing analysis, and timing closure.
Lint, design for test, test coverage.
EM/IR verification and logic equivalence/formal verification.

Low-power design and power optimization.
Collaborate with other members of the team to optimize design in context.
Work with other team members to improve methodologies and flows.
Support post-silicon product bring-up and debug, timing and power characterization.

Required Skills
Experience with digital VLSI CMOS circuit design and physical design in advanced FinFet technology nodes.
Experience with HDLs such as Verilog.
Experience with industry-standard tools such as Design Compiler, ICC2, PrimeTime, Tetramax, RedHawk, ICV, Caliber LVS/DRC.
Excellent debugging skills.
Comfortable programming in a scripting language (e.g., Python or Perl) and writing full programs from scratch (e.g. 5000+ lines of code).
Familiarity with revision-control systems (e.g., Perforce, git).
Familiarity with using and/or designing FPGAs is a plus.
Well organized, punctual, excellent communication skills; ability to operate without direct supervision; ability to collaborate with other team members.
Education and Experience
MS in Electrical Engineering with 3-10 years experience.

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